Rhyscitlema is an organisation that specialises in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science and Digital Electronics. This website shares the developed algorithms, computer applications, digital systems and related technical concepts.

I, Yemeli Tasse Cyrille (who by the way is a Jack of all trades Master of none), started this rather abstract organisation in November 2012 for a very special computer application which I called Rhyscitlema. The idea to use computer technology to achieve it, was inspired to me by my dear classmates of the 2010 Horizon Bilingual Educational Complex - turns out I made the rather awkward name based on them!

The Rhyscitlema computer application aims to be a general purpose tool to perform Computer-Aided Design (CAD). As one who seeks to get things right the very first time, especially as I prefer to fix what does not work instead of replace it with another that works, I like to virtually simulate a design before physically realising it.

The Rhyscitlema computer application simulates a 3D virtual space containing virtual objects and viewed through virtual cameras. The core idea is that: everything is found in a 3D virtual space and fully defined in plain text. It is still under development, still a long way to go! The current release aims to enable the user to draw any graph in a 3D virtual space.

Most of this website’s content is new knowledge, new with respect to the specified time of when it was first discovered (the algorithms among others) or developed (the computer applications). Rigorous research is made to verify that content claimed to be new knowledge is indeed the case. You are of course very welcomed to argue against. The remaining contents are based on existing knowledge, added mainly because of their usage of or by Rhyscitlema.

Everything is designed and developed to be USERFOIL:

Everything is provided for free - use at your own risk!

Do feel free to contact us for any comment or advise you may have.

Hope you enjoy your time here!